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Posting: Payroll Specialist
Job Category:School Services
Salary:$0.00 - $0.00
Licensed Position:NOFull Time:YES
South Pike School District
Payroll  Specialist 

Title:                        Payroll Specialist

Qualifications:          Bachelor’s degree from Accredited University, other experience
                                 deemed necessary by Hiring Authority

Reports To:               Superintendent of Education, the Assistant Superintendent, and
                                  Business Manager

Job Goal                   To process and accurately maintain all payroll records for the school

Mission and Goals
  • Works with the Business Manager and those involved to articulate and promote the school systems’ vision of teaching and educating the next generation of young people.
Performance Responsibilities
  • Process payroll data for all school district employees and maintain accurate up to date files of all payroll information.
  • Maintain sick and personal leave records and attendance reports for all district employees
  • Calculate all substitute teacher pay monthly and keys information to the payroll software
  • Calculate over time and deduction for each employee to ensure compliance with FLSA
  • Maintain and review weekly time sheets for all hourly employees.
  • Print missed punch and absentee reports
  • Prepares, verifies and distributes payroll checks
  • Process and respond to all garnishments
  • Distributes all payroll deductions for insurances, garnishments, etc.
  • Reconciles monthly billings for all deductions to payroll withholding including numerous insurances, retirement, deferred comp, federal and state withholdings, etc.
  • Prepares monthly, quarterly and annual payroll reports including 941’s, W-2’s, 1095’s, etc.
  • Update and produce pay scales (hourly employees, coaching supplements, etc.
  • Create Payroll deadlines and District Accounting Calendars each year
  • Prepare all employee contracts
  • Acts as a troubleshooter and liaison between school district and insurance companies
  • Serve as an Insurance Committee Member
  • Maintains COBRA and HIPPA compliance with documentation
  • FMLA compliance—Initial Notice, Notice of Medical Certification; Notice when Medical Certification is not received; Notice of Expiration of Leave; Non certified employees leave documentation
  • Answers all questions regarding employee accidents and procedures and workers’ compensation reporting, investigations and compliance, etc.
  • Process and maintain unemployment reporting, responses, telephone hearings, appeals, etc.
  • Notifies employee of changes in benefits programs
  • Prepares and maintains MESC records and other duties related to the administration of unemployment compensation claims and benefits and appeals
  • Records new or changed payroll rates in computer
  • Computes pay according to District policy
  • Verify employment for creditors, housing authorities, etc, as needed.
  • Assist employees through the retirement process and paperwork completion
  • Provide documentation to multiple autitors (PERS, WC, MDES, Yearly Financial Audits, etc. 
  • Process reports based or specific needs such as fund reports, outsourcing comparisons, liability insurance comparisons, etc.