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Job Category:Administration
Salary:$0.00 - $0.00
Licensed Position:YESFull Time:YES
South Pike School District
Business Manager

Title:                         Business Manager
Reports To:               Superintendent of Education, the Assistant Superintendent, or
                                  Superintendent’s Designee
Job Goal                   To process and accurately maintain all financial and payroll records for the
                                  school district

  • Must either hold or be eligible to acquire a license as a School Business Administrator in accordance with State Board Policy Chapter 71, rule 71.2
  • Master’s Degree in Accounting or Business Administration or Equivalent Experience
  • Five years successful accounting experience with multi-million dollar accounts
  • Proficient in the use of computer technology for accounting and other budget administration tasks
  • Extensive knowledge of the principles, methods, techniques, practices, and mandated accounting system of budget administration and budget planning operations for Mississippi school districts
  • Understand and be able to articulate the basic principles of fund/governmental accounting
  • Ability to plan, assign, and direct a staff
  • Ability to communicate effectively with supervisors, the school board, department heads, city/county officials as needed
  • Possess prior successful experience in accounting
  • Be adept at working with people in a leadership role
  • Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the Board of Trustees may find appropriate and acceptable
Certified Public Accountant (CPA) or ability to earn such distinction in an appropriate amount of time

To support and enhance the educational mission of the school district through careful planning, sound fiscal management and effective budget administration (following proper procedures, meeting deadlines, leaving clear audit, balancing accounts, etc.)
  • Serves as a resource for and participates in the development of annual and long-range educational plans for the school district
  • Plans and causes to be developed software programs to support accounting and other departmental procedures
  • Assists the Superintendent to develop the annual operational budget; prepares the annual budget as required by law meeting all mandated deadlines. Monitors and amends budget throughout the fiscal year
  • Collects and makes available tax and other fiscal data needed for district planning purposes
  • Calculates and prepares in accordance with all statutory guidance the annual Ad Valorem tax request for
  • Ensures that all funds are received and deposited in an approved depository
  • Maintains various required accounts to comprehend and to account for all funds 8. Implements and maintains the state required Chart of Accounts for school districts
  • Maintain the general ledger of the district in a timely and accurate manner
  • Prepares and submits for board approval each month all financial reports as required by state statute
  • Prepares and submits to the State Department of Education budget reports and budget information as required and all other required reports in advance of deadlines
  • Invests surplus or currently unused funds in accordance with Mississippi law; maintains current knowledge of cash flow
  • Serve as district purchasing agent, manage district purchasing in accordance with all applicable statutes and with board policy
  • Efficiently implements computer software programs to accomplish numerous financial management and accounting tasks
  • After Board authorization, releases payment of funds in accordance with policy
  • Maintains complex financial records and makes periodic and special financial reports in addition to monthly required financial reports
  • Ensures compliance with various local, state, and federal requirements
  • Supervises account reconciliation and other control procedures
  • Must be able to implement and monitor a strong internal control system
  • Supervises classified personnel employed to perform various functions within the department
  • Ensures that staff members are kept current, through appropriate in-service, with the state of the art technology for their operations
  • Provides financial and budgetary data to principals and department heads in a timely manner as a means for developing and maintaining an effective educational program
  • Participates in or initiates the formation of financial and budgetary policies intended to strengthen and improve program performances
  • Provides information to supervisors for decision making regarding employee fringe benefit programs
  • Advises supervisors regarding legal complications involving financial transactions
  • Attends school board and local community meetings as well as school district, regional, and state professional meetings
  • Makes formal and informal reports and presentations to appropriate audiences
  • Proactively explain monthly financial reports to board members with detail and clear understanding
  • Adjusts departmental processes and/or functions based on data derived from evaluation
  • Utilizes appropriate instruments and processes to evaluate the performance of assigned personnel
  • Manages and advises Superintendent on all school district debt issue and payment
  • Manages and supervises the accounting for district Fixed Assets
  • Contracts with auditors and is responsible for making sure that an annual financial audit is performed and that all recommendations and/or adjustments are appropriately answered and implemented
  • Manages monthly request for funds from federal grants and other reimbursable programs
  • Works with federal programs monitoring visits to supply needed information
  • Demonstrates prompt and regular attendance
  • Other duties as assigned by Superintendent or Designee

Terms of Employment:        Twelve months a year. Salary and work year will be established by
                                                the Board of Education